Ben and Becca Johnson

Join our Kingdom adventures in the kingdom of Thailand!

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Our Story...

Becca and I grew up in the great state of Wisconsin!  We're also high school sweethearts.  We were married back in 2000 and today we are blessed to have four fun and energetic kids.

Back in 2015, we moved our family to Thailand to help start a new church.  As we got to know Thai Christians, Thai churches, and Thai pastors, and we listened to their stories, we realized that our efforts are best spent empowering Thai people to grow the church in Thailand.  Our motto has become:

Empowering Thai pastors, to plant Thai churches, that reach Thai people.

One way we do this is through discipleship.  We believe that if we help ministry leaders see how the gospel changes our day to day lives, God will use this same gospel to grow spiritual fruit in their lives and their churches.

We are also building an online business that will help Thai pastors and church members provide sustainable financial support for their churches and ministries.

Life through Business

We believe business can be a very powerful means of empowering the church to grow.  Business builds relationships.  It creates sustainable resources for growing churches.  And it can give Thai people the ability to lead and develop their own congregations.

Ben is developing an online business that will provide empower the growth of the Thai church.  For more information, click the button below:

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Gospel Mentoring

We believe that God calls us to invest in the lives and ministries of others.  We do this through gospel mentoring.  We encourage people in their lives and ministries.  We help them see how God's love for them affects every moment of every day...even the boring stuff.  And then we let God go to work in their hearts!

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Come Join Us!

We can't do what we do alone.  We are working to build a team of fellow Christians who are passionate about empowering Thai pastors to plant Thai churches that reach Thai people.

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Reflect on Life and Ministry with Us on Our Blog

God often uses us most fruitfully in the lives of other people when he is showing us just how inadequate we are to the job he's called us to do.  Join us as we reflect on what our Father has been up to on our blog.

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