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We are looking for grace-soaked, kingdom-minded individuals and families to join us in the job of empowering Thai pastors to plant Thai churches that reach Thai people. 
Are you called to be part of what is happening in Thailand?

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Positions We Need Your Gifts to Fill

We are currently recruiting people who can help us in the following ways and roles. Please click on the picture to get more specifics on the area of need.

Facilitative Church Planter

Facilitative church planting is the model we use to help Thai pastors plant Thai churches that reach Thai people.  If you love people and love helping churches grow, you may fit this role well!

Business Builder

We are building a business in Thailand as a means of building self-sustaining, self-led, Thai churches.  We need people with various business related gifts to help us in this exciting endeavor.

If you feel called to help the Kingdom grow in Thailand and would love to help us serve Thai churches, we would love to hear from you.
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Business Builder

We believe that businesses are a wonderful way to build relationships, bless local communities, and grow the Kingdom. We use a model known as Business for Transformation (B4T). We are still in the very early stages of forming a business in Thailand, so we don't yet have a business of our own. That's where we need your help! The video below is an example of what one group has done with Business for Transformation in another Asian nation.

If you have experience starting or working in business and are passionate to see peoples' lives transformed, we would love to chat with you about putting those gifts to work in Thailand! 
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Cultural Benefits

One of the joys of living in Chiang Mai (and Thailand in general) is the incredible variety of of food from many different cultures. Khao Soi is a dish that is native to northern Thailand, formerly known as the Lanna Kingdom.


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