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Positions We Need Your Gifts to Fill

We are currently recruiting people who can help us in the following ways and roles. Please click on the picture to get more specifics on the area of need.

Intern/Apprentice Coordinator

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Foundation Director

Head up Serge’s participation in a non-profit foundation to maintain healthy relationships with the Thai government and national partners.

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K-12 Teacher

Teach at a Christian K-12 International school in Thailand and participate in the work of planting and blessing Thai churches.

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B4T Director of Sales and Marketing

Help establish a publishing company that will equip Thai church planters with entrepreneurial skills and support church planting efforts throughout Thailand.

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B4T Director of Finance

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B4T Director of Operations

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Ministry Leader Mentor

Encourage and empower Thai ministry leaders and their families through mentoring, prayer, and resources.

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Biblical Training Specialist

Empower Thai ministry leaders with specialized biblical and theological training, highlighting a distinctive reformed theology and worldview.

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If you feel called to help the Kingdom grow in Thailand and would love to help us serve Thai churches, we would love to hear from you.
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Cultural Benefits

One of the joys of living in Chiang Mai (and Thailand in general) is the incredible variety of of food from many different cultures. Khao Soi is a dish that is native to northern Thailand, formerly known as the Lanna Kingdom.


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