Thai Leadership Grant

Empowering Thai pastors to plant Thai churches that reach Thai people.

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How Does the Thai Leadership Grant Work?

Step 1:

We ask the interested Thai pastor to submit an application consisting of:

  1. His ministry budget including personal salary and ministry expenses.
  2. His ministry plan for the 5 year grant period.
  3. His 5 year plan to work toward financial self-sufficiency.
Step 2:

We review the pastor's budget and ministry plans.  Based on this information and the status of our grant fund, we determine:

  1. Whether the pastor's situation meets the purposes of the grant.
  2. How much we can offer the pastor in monthly support.
  3. What we can offer to the pastor by way of training and assistance during the 5 year grant period.
Step 3:

We work together with the pastor the negotiate the final details of the grant agreement and decide whether or not to move forward.

Our greatest desire is to help the pastor without making him feel like we are trying to take control of his church or ministry.

Grant Guidelines:

  1. The amount of the grant will be decided based on the needs of the pastor and amount of money available in the grant fund.
  2. Ideally, the monthly grant amount would not exceed 50% of the pastor's monthly budget.  (Few Thai pastors actually operate with western style budgets.  In light of this, we try to keep the spirit of this rule while making actual decisions on a case-by-case basis.)
  3. The grant would be given to the pastor for no more than 5 years.  
  4. The pastor would be paid 100% of the amount agreed upon for the first 3 years.  Beginning at year 3, the amount would be reduced by 20% every 6 months, until reaching 0% at the 5 year mark.
  5. As part of the agreement, we ask the pastor for opportunities to offer appropriate types of training and mentoring to him and his congregation in keeping with their needs and desires.
  6. The pastor is expected to send ministry updates to financial supporters of the Thai Leadership Grant.

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